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    Golden paradise ink bali is one of the best tatoo studios in bali that prioritize the perfection of tattoo art without ruling out hygienity in the process .the touch of an experienced and imaginative tattoo artist in the modern tattoo world promising  a work of art you will enjoy for life.Its not just a tattoo its an work of art @goldenparadiseink


    Born from the family of artist, KENYOZ SUDAMA  has established his name as one of the best balinese tattoo artist. This low profile and kind young artist has achieved various awards from prestigious tattoo contests in the category of black and grey, realist,color ,oriental etc. Experience more than 15years in tattoo industry proves its talent to create a piece of art that can be enjoyed for life time.


    Dedicated himself to the world of tattoo for more than 5 year has formed him as a passionate artist who has a high imagination to Realistic Black and Grey Fantasy and Surealism tattoo art style. Graduated as graphic designer student 3 years ago, the work of digital art created by Vincent has been recognized as world class piece of art and exclusively design for each costumer...


    Our tattoo artist Chevin is really into drawing , he enhanced his drawing skill in fine art academy and graduated as one of the best students. His piece of arts have received many achievement. Specialiazing in realist does not make him limit his art design. There is nothing that makes him happier than designing a custom tattoo for each of his client. If you are looking for some artistic freedom and you only have a little idea of it, there is no doubt chevin will come up with something unique, one of a kind just for you. This friendly young guy takes a big pride of his   tattooing and he ensures you get the best tattoo and experience.



    He is really talented artist who has been dedicated himself into traditional tattoo style.
    He gains a lot of achievment from many tattoo expos in Iindonesia.
    He is definately a passionate and friendly tattooist who will look after you well if you guys are keen to get the work done in Bali.



    He is a humble guy who is really passionate to work with. He has been working in the modern tattoo industry for 5 years.

    He does a lot of flash drawing to customize our customers' ideas and design preferrence.

    This friendly guy will be 100% look after to walk out from our shop with a big smile. 


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Jl. Kunti I, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361. Phone : +6281311813301